LIVE VIDEO: Day 4 – Deliverance Service (Plenary Session 5) – RCCG 65th Annual Convention 2017 – #Halleluyah
August 10, 2017
LIVE VIDEO: RCCG September 2017 Holy Communion Service #AbbaFather7
August 31, 2017
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Hey Power Traders,
A jolly Saturday morning to y’all. In advance forgive my long winded message. I’m only the messenger 😉
Papa has spotted a trend and is keen for everyone to stay on top of it — if not even dig in as soon as possible.
So what is the new kid in the block? CRYPTOCURRENCY!!!
I can hear you asking MANNA i.e. “what is that?”
Well, in simplest terms it’s about Bitcoins and its family members.
Below are some links worth checking out on the hot topic.
Trust me its definitely worth grasping the concept now, because its new so competition is low and profit potential and margin high.
And as Papa is a true early adopter, he has done some further ground work for us. To get into the game, you can set up an account on BITPANDA (see link below).
It is quite self explanatory, but if you do need help signing up, do not hesitate to reach out. It is worth mentioning that for registration on BITPANDA you will need a form of Identification and Internet for verification – which is very fast.
Unfortunately like most previous opportunity waves, the church happens to be one of the last to hear about such — pretty much being ‘late to the party’ and consequently ‘missing the boat’.

The good news is Power Traders is about to change all that…
…as we learn and take action.
Once again pardon my long winded messages.
Have fun y’all

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