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Overcoming Impossibilities through Prayers

July 7, 2017
LIVE VIDEO: RCCG July 2017 Holy Communion Service #AbbaFather6
July 6, 2017
LIVE VIDEO: RCCG July 2017 Holy Ghost Service. THEME: ABBA FATHER 6 » 7th July #AbbaFather6
July 7, 2017

Prayer is the master key

O vercoming Impossibilities' has been written to empower the reader with knowledge which is able to set free. Ass you set your heart to study it, you will learn.....The Importance of Prayers in Overcoming Impossibilities, Prayer Habit, Hindrances to Effective Prayer etc.

Prayer and Intercession allows God to bless you. God knows our desires and He requires that we make all our desires and requests know to Him in prayer.

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